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FAQ for Ads

Who can create Ads on GOOFASH?
Everybody who has an own Online Shop or staionary Store for Fashion, Shoes or Accessories. No matter, if you are a small, middle or big Company. Everybody is welcome to link their Products. We want to list all Trend Products in the World.
How much Ads can be created?
You can create every time unlimited Ads, but this Ads will be visible for minimum 7 Days and deleted after this period automatically. Furthermore you can have a longer period for visibility with 30 Days and 90 Days!!! There is just a small monthly Fee for the longer visibility. You can cancel the Membership anytime. Here you find an overview for Membership Pricing.
Where are my created Ads?
Your Ads will be listed in our Online Shop in your selected Categories on the Top and all universal Pages on GOOFASH. You will have your own Dashboard, where you can find your created Product Ads. So you are able to get an overview for your Membership and Product Ads, edit, delete them and manage your Account. Here you go to your Dashboard.