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Women’s Gloves


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Ladies Gloves Black – Antonioli



Women’s gloves online at GOOFASH

Gloves for women keep your hands warm and enhance your activities in the fresh air. Not only do they protect against the cold, but they are also in demand as an elegant accessory. This means that women’s gloves are not only valued in autumn and winter. At GOOFASH you will find the right gloves online and in store in sophisticated designs and colors as well as excellent workmanship and quality for every occasion. From leather gloves to cashmere to wool – large selection of women’s gloves. Leather gloves for women look elegant and also impress with their functionality. Some of our models are both water and dirt repellent. We only use first-class leather quality to make our gloves. The leather gloves are durable, soft and elastic. Many of our leather gloves are also lined and ensure warm hands. Elegant women’s gloves made of fine-haired cashmere are not only cuddly soft, but also keep you warm in cooler temperatures. Gloves for women made of ecological cotton are comfortable to wear and at the same time have an antiviral effect. This protects you from unwanted contact with door blades, handles and other surfaces. Our cotton gloves for women also impress with their simple and functional design. Gloves for women made from a wool blend offer a pleasantly soft and warm feel. The design goes particularly well with the leather and quilted coat. With our shiny satin gloves, women can set impressive accents both in everyday life and on festive occasions. The gloves are the perfect accessory for evening and ball gowns.


Which gloves are suitable for which weather or occasion?

Leather gloves look elegant. Some models are water- and dirt-repellent, making them the best choice for rainy autumn weather. Lined, your hands are protected from the cold in leather gloves, even in winter. Cozy wool gloves are best suited for dry and cold winter weather and are slightly more flexible than leather gloves. You can also use pretty mittens for a comfortable walk in the snow. Finger gloves are more suitable for everyday use because they enable fine motor movements. Elegant gloves can also serve as a chic accessory and eye-catcher in mild temperatures. How about cool leather gloves at the next cocktail party? When driving a convertible, the right driving gloves are a must. They protect your hands from wind and weather, ensure improved contact with the steering wheel and convey an elegant style. You can recognize typical driving gloves by the round holes on the top. The cutouts are located above the knuckles so your hand can curl around the steering wheel in a relaxed manner. Many of our gloves for men and women are equipped with a practical touchscreen function. You can use it to operate your smartphone without having to take off your gloves. This means your fingers stay warm in every situation.


Gloves against the cold: This is what you should keep in mind

Don’t buy gloves that are too small. Of course, gloves should be neither too tight nor too loose. To ensure that the gloves keep your fingers nice and warm, you should be careful not to buy them too small. There needs to be some space at the front of the fingertips for an insulating layer of air. This small air space between the fingers and the material heats up over time and keeps your hands warm. Padded models keep you warm longer. With a warm lining, women’s hands stay warm longer than with unlined gloves. Many of our models are lined. We use the following materials: cashmere, wool, polyester, lambskin, polyamide and fleece. Mittens keep you warmer than gloves. If gloves are primarily intended to protect a lady from cold and frost, we recommend mittens. These are warmer than finger gloves because the fingers can warm each other in the mittens. However, they limit mobility. If the look of the gloves is the main focus, you should decide based on your personal taste.