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The men’s watch is the most classic men’s accessory – and the most innovative. Men’s wristwatches combine stylish chic with technical finesse and modern features with timeless elegance. Men’s watches are the fashionable must-have on men’s wrists. At the same time, a men’s wristwatch often serves the male need for sophisticated functions. The large selection of models includes all types of watches: robust quartz watches or smartwatches for everyday life and sports as well as high-quality automatic watches or chronographs for work and special occasions. When you buy a men’s watch, you can expect lots of practical tips, great services such as our free bracelet adjustment and always the latest trends and most popular top brands.


Watches for men are suitable for every occasion

Only the right men’s watch completes every outfit. Dress codes are no longer so rigid. This creates space for creativity. Fashionable men usually own more than one men’s wristwatch in order to be able to vary. You will find a fascinatingly large selection of brands and models: wristwatches from flashy to reserved and trendy to timeless. Our range includes sports watches from waterproof diving watches to durable outdoor chronographs to multisport smartwatches. You can look forward to elegant timepieces in a variety of designs – whether it’s a men’s watch in black with a leather strap and an unobtrusive dial or a men’s wristwatch in silver with a stainless steel case and mesh bracelet. In addition to the movement and dial design, watches for men differ particularly in their bracelet and case. The relationship between the watch case and the wrist should be balanced. Whether you choose a stainless steel bracelet with a stainless steel case or a leather bracelet is primarily a question of taste. In general, stainless steel bracelets are more robust and heavier, leather bracelets are lighter and more supple. Leather often proves to be more comfortable when worn for longer periods of time. Stainless steel has a cooling effect in summer. A leather bracelet should match the color of your shoes and belt. Buying men’s watches is a question of individual style and intended use. Waterproofness and shock resistance are essential features for your men’s watch if you are often active outdoors. Waterproof outdoor and sports watches are just as weatherproof as they are durable. If you have an office job, you will certainly want an elegant men’s watch.


Different types of watches are available

Men want to buy men’s watches that combine attractiveness with functionality. Timepieces with a perfect mix of practical use and aesthetic enjoyment are available in a wide variety of designs from a wide variety of brands. We introduce you to the most popular types of watches. Find out everything you need to know about chronographs, automatic watches, digital watches, radio-controlled watches and multifunctional watches. With us, men of all types will find the right watch: What type of men’s watch are you the man for? The chronograph is a wristwatch classic. If you want to buy a men’s watch that combines sportiness and elegance, men’s chronographs offer you a diverse selection of designs. A chronograph is as timeless as it is striking, modern and functional. What all chronographs have in common is the characteristic stopwatch function. The chronograph should not be confused with the chronometer, a watch with a particularly accurate movement and highly precise time display. Many chronographs are beautiful retro watches. Some chronograph models have a date display, tachymeter, worldwide radio reception or solar drive. Some exclusive pilot’s watches are also efficient solar radio-controlled watches. Watch lovers swear by automatic watches. If you want to buy a premium men’s watch, an automatic watch is the right choice. Automatic watches are mechanical men’s watches that draw their energy from the wearer’s wrist movements. Every movement causes a rotor to vibrate, which winds the spring and drives the clockwork. Automatic wristwatches are also referred to as self-winding or self-winding watches. In contrast to a quartz watch, an automatic watch does not require a battery. The self-winding mechanism ensures that automatic men’s watches run particularly smoothly and reliably. If an automatic watch is not moved, its power reserve ensures that it continues to run. Their unique elegance and technical perfection make automatic watches so attractive. High-quality materials such as ceramic, titanium or fine leather bracelets underline the exclusivity, longevity and quality of many automatic watches. Equipment and functions are also impressive. In addition to the stopwatch function, automatic chronographs often have additional displays for the date, day of the week and power reserve; manual winding is sometimes possible. Automatic diving watches are waterproof up to 30 bar and impress with protected crowns, luminescent hands and markings as well as rotating bezels with minute scales. Men’s digital watches offer everything a modern man’s heart desires. If you want to buy sporty, extremely stylish men’s watches, you will find a large selection of cool designs among the digital quartz watches. Due to their practical functions, digital watches and quartz watches were already sought-after highlights back then. Men’s smartwatches offer a variety of special functions. Men’s chronographs impress with a stopwatch function and displays for date, day of the week and 24 hours. Outdoor and training watches are often GPS-supported or equipped with an additional compass. For example, they provide hikers, runners or cyclists with data on routes, elevation profiles or distances covered. If you want to buy a men’s watch that impresses with particularly precise navigation, an advanced GPS smartwatch is recommended. Such models combine health and fitness tracking for sleep, step count, heart rate or calories with apps for training planning and smart functions such as Bluetooth, music streaming, notifications and contactless payment.