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Women’s Sandals



Discover women’s sandals from GOOFASH online

Finding your new favorite shoe is easy in the GOOFASH online shop. The large range offers an optimal selection of the most beautiful women’s shoes. The aim here is not only to do justice to the spirit of the times, but also to ensure the highest possible wearing comfort. In our “Sandals” category you can find women’s sandals for a variety of occasions. This means that the perfect pair can be found for upscale, chic occasions as well as for everyday life. In addition to the widest variety of designs, you can also choose models based on your preference. At GOOFASH you will find women’s sandals with normal heels, wedge heels and models with flat soles. In general, we rely on the use of high-quality materials during production. This is the only way to ensure that wearing comfort is not compromised even with higher heels. All sandals are open and allow an aesthetic view of the foot. The supporting straps are arranged differently here. This allows for optimal support, regardless of which model you choose. On the one hand, women’s sandals are available in which the straps are spread over the entire foot. In still others, these are divided into two parts and hold the ankle and forefoot separately. The enormous color selection of the various women’s sandals offers fashion-conscious women almost endless combination options. This means you can combine them freely, regardless of whether you want to focus on your shoes or the rest of your outfit. Sandals in white, black or more unusual colors are available for this purpose. The GOOFASH online shop offers you numerous options that you can choose from. Get inspired now and use the smart filter functions to find your next favorite shoe.


Flat or high sandals – you decide

When choosing between high and flat sandals, it is usually important to consider the occasion for which they are to be worn. For this reason, both variants belong in a well-stocked shoe cabinet so that you always have the right option to hand. If you want to explore a new city in summer, it is worth using flat women’s sandals, for example. Especially on long journeys, your feet tire a little quicker in sandals with heels. Flat sandals are also better for a walk on the beach. High-heeled sandals would sink into the sand and make walking difficult. However, women who want to score points in terms of fashion with their sandals are best advised to choose our women’s sandals with heels. This variant is perfect for rounding off elegant outfits. You can choose between sandals with a block heel and a wedge heel. No variant is less beautiful, but can be combined in different ways when implemented. The height of the heel is also all about your outfit idea and how you can show it off in the best possible way. Heels conjure up longer legs and are welcome at summer parties or when getting together with your loved ones. If you want something different than the usual sandals, you can also find beautiful moccasins with us that are fashionable and individual. Take advantage of the diverse range of products in the GOOFASH online shop and find shoes that suit you and your individual outfit idea today.


Sandals made from high quality materials for a sustainable experience

When you think of GOOFASH, you also think of quality. The materials used are designed to last as long as possible and to always put a smile on your face. So shoe fans can be sure that their women’s sandals will not let them down. The leather component is particularly noteworthy. The upper material of the women’s sandals often used at GOOFASH is not only particularly durable, but also impresses with maximum comfort. It feels soft against the skin and prevents unpleasant blisters. It also offers high breathability, which can be particularly advantageous in summer. Discover the sustainable materials of GOOFASH women’s shoes online.