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Women’s Sunglasses


Sale Cat Eye Sunglasses in Green Fossil GOOFASH

Cat Eye Sunglasses in Green Fossil


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Purple Sunglasses at Asos



Women’s sunglasses are a fashion statement and protection

Women know that sunglasses are a must, and not just on summer days. In addition to the practical protective function for the eyes, sunglasses are one of the most important fashion accessories. A piece of jewelry that both veils and accentuates your eyes with sophistication. Whether for sunbathing by the pool or a glamorous appearance while luxury shopping: At GOOFASH you will find ultra-fashionable women’s sunglasses and designer models for your very personal style. More than just a fashion accessory! In their basic function as eye protection, you need sunglasses on days with bright sunlight or when moving in environments where light is strongly reflected; for example when skiing or on wide areas of snow. The tint of the lenses reduces the intensity with which visible and UV light hits your eyes. But it’s not just the degree of darkening of the lenses that determines the protective effect of sunglasses. Equally important is the size of the lenses and the shape of the frame, which reduces the incidence of scattered light from the side.


Discover all sunglasses online at GOOFASH!

Classic, retro or spectacular butterfly shape: At GOOFASH you will find a large selection of current shapes, colors and materials. Whether you choose eye-catching trendy colors, tinted plastic lenses, frames with effective rhinestone decoration or oversized cat-eye designer glasses: our range has something to suit every taste. And for the perfect view, we recommend that you pay attention to a harmonious relationship between the face and the shape of the glasses. Elongated face: With the right sunglasses you can visually shorten your face. Wide or oval lenses are the perfect choice for you. Also make sure that the frame of the glasses emphasizes horizontality. Round face: If you have soft features, a striking, angular frame works well: This will visually lengthen your face. Square face: If your face has more angular features, you should choose a frame that makes your face appear visually softer. You can achieve this effect with round or oval frames. Heart-shaped face: If you have broad cheekbones and a pointed chin, petite frames are your choice. If possible, avoid frames that are too bulky. Oval face: Small round sunglasses lenses can look a little lost on an oval face. Extremely narrow frames can also make your face appear excessively long. You can make a selection that suits you from all other shapes and sizes.


Current trends in sunglasses for women

Colorful: Yellow, blue or would you prefer violet? The lenses of the current trend glasses now shine in all colors of the rainbow and set great accents! No matter whether casually mirrored or completely classic: it has to be colorful! Aviator: Aviator glasses are not new, but they are also unusually colorful this season, with lenses in pastel colors such as romantic rosé! We love the contrast between the delicate tones and the masculine frame, don’t you? Flower Power: The cult accessory for the boho look looks like it came straight from Woodstock: Sunglasses with circular lenses are very popular again and go perfectly with the long fluttering dress and ethnic prints.