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Sale Antonioli - Men Gloves in Black GOOFASH

Antonioli – Men Gloves in Black


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Gloves Blue for Man at Nugnes


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Orciani Gent Gloves in Black Nugnes



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In our latitudes you can hardly do without them in winter: gloves. They protect your tools, which are used for many activities every day, from cold, wet and wind. Gloves are not only a functional part of your winter wardrobe, but also an accessory. Once you have made the right selection, you can use it to complement your outfit in a meaningful way. There are many types of gloves, one for every occasion, so to speak.


Gloves for men in many variations

Classically, men’s gloves are made of leather or wool when it comes to protecting the hands from the cold. But if you’re a cyclist, for example, you’ll probably want to use short-fingered gloves made of synthetic functional textiles so that your hands don’t slip on the handlebars. Short-fingered gloves have also become established as a fashion accessory – made from black or brown leather, they look dandy-like and give your look more casualness. But if you do like traditional leather or knitwear, then you should choose them that match, for example with your scarf and hat, the jacket or the shoes you usually wear. But you can’t go wrong with colors like black or gray because they can be easily combined with everything.


Choose the right gloves correctly

Like other items of clothing, there are sizes for gloves. Depending on how long and how wide your palm and fingers are, you need to measure the circumference of the hand at the widest point. But even then, the rule is to try before studying: the manufacturers have not defined uniform lengths for the fingers, so this can vary. When trying on a good men’s glove must fit the hand tightly, but must not press or restrict movement.