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Men’s Sandals


Sale Gents Black Sandals Adidas Pacsun GOOFASH

Gents Black Sandals Adidas Pacsun


Sale Gents Sandals Grey Adidas Pacsun GOOFASH

Gents Sandals Grey Adidas Pacsun


Sale Pacsun - Gents Grey Sandals GOOFASH

Pacsun – Gents Grey Sandals


Sale Pacsun - Gents Sandals Blue GOOFASH

Pacsun – Gents Sandals Blue


Sale Gents Green Sandals Pacsun Adidas GOOFASH

Gents Green Sandals Pacsun Adidas


Sale Gents Black Sandals Leam Alyx Studio GOOFASH

Gents Black Sandals Leam Alyx Studio



Men’s sandals are fashionable, sporty and casual

Sandals for men have long since lost their bad image. There are already far too many beautiful models that also give men fresh air on their feet in summer. There is a suitable model for every type that perfectly underlines the individual type. Fashion-loving men can choose from the wide selection of men’s sandals that designers have created in recent years. Depending on your courage and your own style, you can choose luxurious leather sandals. Designs made from fine leather can look really good with a summer suit. If you spend a lot of time outdoors and are very active, you should choose a model with a stable sole. The soles are in no way inferior to those of sneakers and, in combination with robust straps and Velcro, offer the right grip. Your outfit should also be appropriately sporty. This category is suitable for every man. Everyone can wear them and choose them according to their personal taste. It’s the ideal choice for a summer evening with friends or a day at the lake. You can’t go wrong with it in your free time.


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The era of men’s sandals is currently experiencing a revival, as this original shoe design regularly brings new inspiration to the fashion industry. What was long considered a no-go for the fashion-conscious man and was more of a negative sign associated with certain fringe groups such as hippies, is now a must in any stylish men’s wardrobe. The sandal is proof of how colorless footwear with a simple structure can become a genuine fashion accessory. Its history began many generations ago because sandals with a flat sole and an attached strap are one of the oldest basic types of shoes. The people of Ancient Egypt wore them out of pure practicality, but the once unisex model spread internationally and inspired a wide variety of ethnic groups. To this day, the sandal is associated with cultural status symbols in some parts of the world and there are six variants that refer to world religions. Interestingly, in Europe the lightweight shoe models were presented as discreet items, whereas among other peoples they are worn with opulent decorations to symbolize things such as hierarchy. The worldwide spread also increased the popularity of men’s sandals and managed to shed their prejudiced image as an unfashionable shoe version. In the course of constant optimization in terms of appearance and function, she managed to get leading designers to notice her, recognize her market value and include her in their collections. The initial materials, papyrus and leather, have of course given way to various modern materials such as textile, breathable plastic or leather men’s sandals in a smooth version as well as elegant nubuck leather. The foot-friendly items still belong to the spring and summer shoes category. They are also more suitable for casual events such as beach parties and the leisure look at home, long walks or barbecues, rather than as business shoes. The robust soles ensure a safe, cushioned step, the straps or buckles support support and the high-quality interior promises the best walking comfort. The look stands for originality, because men’s sandals can currently be more than just functional shoe models. Slippery men are a thing of the past, today’s fashion-conscious man chooses items with authenticity. Do you love the sporty character or the casual look? Sandals for men can be perfectly coordinated and emphasize your style in a comfortable way. It is precisely this composition that makes it an indispensable trendsetter for warm days.


Discover the current trends and sandals styles

Discover trendy men’s sandals, because our product range contains the it-pieces of the season. Would you like to order functional men’s outdoor sandals for your next hiking trip, wear light toe sandals on the beach or combine classic men’s roman sandals with your outfit? Here you have the opportunity to let off steam in fashion without losing your masculine casualness. Men’s hiking sandals and trekking models in particular are currently popular in both muted colors and graphic designs, as are the styling all-rounder men’s mules. Modern platform sandals also have fashion potential, while simple strappy sandals remain an undisputed long-term seller. Choose brown sandals for a natural look, black sandals for a harmonious combination or show color intensity with red sandals, summery white sandals and blue sandals. With metallic models such as silver sandals or gold sandals, your comfortable companions become elegant sandals that make you an eye-catcher with exclusive fashion. As a fashion-conscious man, you can only increase this with the trendy reptile embossing or distinctive rivets. Casual shoes combine comfort with style and quality. This means you benefit from robust footwear that still projects the informality and lightness of summer to the outside world. Their wide range of functions give you enough scope to spend the summer days outdoors and get some exercise. They never lose their sophisticated appearance, which has personality but remains subtle. It’s understandable that the varied models of sandals for men are increasingly becoming alternatives to sneakers and setting new shoe trends. Thanks to their variety, the large range of colors and the omnipresent wellness factor, these items are no longer inferior to women’s sandals these days.