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Men’s Shirts



Stylish men’s shirts for the leisure times

Leisure time is no reason to forego fashion standards or quality. High-quality casual shirts impress with their casual look and excellent wearing comfort. If you wear a suit to the office, you shouldn’t go rogue in your free time either. Cheeky designs, contemporary cuts and the best wearing and care properties of the current collections make the men’s shirt definitely suitable for leisure activities and ensure an exclusive feeling of well-being. Material and workmanship play a key role, especially in the leisure sector. Because the casual shirt should be able to adapt to the different circumstances of each of your adventures. Cotton is probably one of the most popular fabrics in the leisure sector. The long-lasting, easy-care, hard-wearing and stretchy all-rounder can easily withstand high temperatures and daily ironing and is therefore the perfect companion for all world explorers. Linen: For an urban shirt look that leaves you feeling breezy on warm days, linen shirts are the perfect solution. The summery, light fabric scores with its loose fit and cooling effect, but is very prone to creasing and therefore not suitable for the office. However, as a casual men’s shirt, linen reveals its full charm precisely because of its unmade appearance. Silk: If you want to shine with an extravagant leisure shirt, silk shirts are probably the most beautiful alternative to cotton. A first-class fabric that counteracts heat and cold and makes you shine on festive occasions. Although silk shirts are susceptible to high temperatures, abrasion and water stains, they will last for a long time if cared for carefully and are an eye-catching highlight of a chic leisure look.


Shirts for men in different styles, colors and shapes

While long-sleeved men’s shirts are usually in demand in the office, there is a legitimate question about arm length when it comes to casual shirts. Although rolled-up sleeves are chic and provide a quick remedy when temperatures rise, short-sleeved shirts have become established as a much more comfortable (and no less chic) option. However, long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts have one thing in common: a good fit is half the battle! To always cut a good figure in a short-sleeved shirt, it is best to choose a slim-fitting men’s shirt in tailored, slim fit or super slim fits. The edge of the sleeve should end halfway up the upper arm. If a finger’s width fits between the arm and sleeve, the short-sleeved shirt fits perfectly. Paisley patterns, floral or Hawaiian prints in fresh green, blue or orange make you feel like summer and can be combined with simple shorts and casual slippers to create a cool leisure look. The advantage of a long-sleeved shirt: men’s shirts with short sleeves can be worn not only closed, but also open over a T-shirt and jeans.


Business and casual shirts for each occasion

Men wear a business shirt for a wide variety of occasions: in the office, in meetings, at official events, team events, a bank appointment or a business lunch. The business men’s shirt is the perfect piece of clothing for situations in which you want to appear particularly serious, well-groomed, trustworthy or simply well-dressed. Tip: For important appointments, make sure to wear a business shirt instead of a casual shirt. A good business men’s shirt is perfectly tailored to the requirements of a smart gentleman in terms of design, material and cut and visually alone differs significantly from a casual men’s shirt. If you’re on a business trip, you can also choose one of our non-iron men’s shirts. These not only save you having to iron after washing, but are also far less prone to creasing. While a close-fitting leisure men’s shirt in an extra-narrow slim fit cut looks particularly sporty, when it comes to men’s business shirts, subtle restraint is the order of the day, especially when it comes to the cut. A straight cut or a cut with a slight waist is absolutely suitable for a successful business outfit and complements a clean, understatement look. Our Comfort Fit shirts have a wide cut and are ideal for men who want unrestricted freedom of movement. Regular Fit men’s shirts are suitable for men with a normal figure. A comfortable fit and a timeless fit make the regular fit shirt a versatile all-rounder. Men’s shirts in a slim fit or body fit fit closely to the body and emphasize a trained silhouette particularly well without being restrictive. A dark slim fit suit and a skinny tie give the stylish look a youthful twist.