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Men’s Loafers


Sale Mens Loafers Blue Leam - Tods GOOFASH

Mens Loafers Blue Leam – Tods


Sale Men Loafers White at Frye GOOFASH

Men Loafers White at Frye


Sale Leam Grey Loafers Tods Gents GOOFASH

Leam Grey Loafers Tods Gents


Sale Giglio - Beige - Men Loafers GOOFASH

Giglio – Beige – Men Loafers



Men’s loafers – the shoe with cult character

Loafers have actually been around for a long time. They are a further development of the moccasins, which were given a solid sole to make them suitable for the street. The first loafer models were worn by farmers while they supervised their cows while grazing. The shoe got its name because to outsiders this activity looked more like loafing. Later, the slip-on shoes also had a heel. They have retained this typical shape to this day. In 1910, the shoes first found their way into the upscale lifestyle of elite students, who are said to have kept their lucky pennies in the leather bar that ran across the instep. The penny loafer, which still exists today, was born. Large fashion houses later became aware of the shoes and created models with tassels, buckles or decorative laces on the instep. While the shoes used to be worn exclusively by style-conscious men for an elegant business look, today all fashion-loving people love them. And rightly so, because the low shoes are extremely versatile and fit a wide variety of styles.


Loafers for men set new trends

Loafers made of smooth leather were the original models and are still very popular today. They are of course available in the classic colors black and brown. But even in blue, they enhance any clothing style with their elegant design. But it doesn’t always have to be real leather: models made of imitation leather with textile inserts and a patent look go well with jeans, chinos, dresses or skirts. The slippers also make your feet an eye-catcher in suede with tassels and fringes. Models with a small zipper on the instep bring a touch of extravagance to your look. Loafers set trends because of their versatility. The classic models, for example, fit perfectly into the business style. Loafers with block or platform heels really add spice to the casual look.


Loafers for every occasion and season

The trendy low shoes are now available in many different colors. In addition to the more muted tones, you can also wear loafers in white, red or saffron yellow. The stylish low shoes are real classics. For this reason they will always remain in fashion.