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Create your unlimited Posts about Fashion, Shoes and Accessories. No matter who you are. Everybody is welcome. 



Universal Fashion Platform

Only Creativity is Your Limit



Upload unlimited Pictures about your Styles.  

Embed Youtube Clips and Instagram Feeds.

Type Text, edit Font, manage Size and add Links.

Use ready-made Layouts, Blocks and Buttons.



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FAQ for Posts

Who can Post on GOOFASH?
Absolutely everybody can Post. Your Post just have to be about Fashion, Shoes or Accessories. No matter if you are a private person or a company.
How much is it to Post?
It is FREE to Post! You can create every time unlimited Posts, but in the free version this post will be visible for 7 Days and deleted after this period automatically. Furthermore you can have a longer period for visibility with 30 Days, 90 Days and Unlimited Days!!! There is just a small monthly Fee for the longer visibility. You can cancel the Membership anytime. Here you find an overview for Pricing.
Where are my created Posts?
Your Posts will be listed in the Fashion Magazine – MAGZN. You will have your own Dashboard, where you can find your created Posts. So you are able to get an overview for your Membership and Posts, edit, delete them and manage your Account. Here you go to your Dashboard. 
What kind of Templates are available?
We will provide you with different kind of free ready-made Templates, which you can copy, paste and edit for your Post. Furthermore you are able to use different free Blocks and Buttons. In this way only Your Inspiration is the Limit to create Templates.
Is there a difference to other Platforms?
The difference is, that you are absolutely free in your creation. You can create individual Posts like a real Blog or Magazine Post. So you are not limited like on other Social Media Platforms.  


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