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Showroom Concept



Make Revenue with this unique Boutique Partner Program by selling our Collection Styles in your local Store.  

It´s special. GOOFASH Collection Connection!


How to become a Boutique


SHOWROOM our trendy Collection in Fashion, Shoes and Accessories for Women and Men!


Place Styles
Show our Collection in your local Store globally.

Add Tags 
Put your individual QR-Code with a Link to the Style. 

People Buy 
Visitors scan the code, order online and we deliver to Home.

Get Revenue
Make 30% Commission from all your generated Sales.




Select your favorite Styles from our Collection and place it in your local Store

Collection Women Men


Just add Products to Wishlist for selected Styles, Photos and Links to Post and to order for your Store.


Generate Posts for all Styles and promote it on your Social Media Channels

Magazine Trend Inspo

Link Products in your Posts and repost, share, like connect on social media



Be visible on the top of all categories in the shop and magazine to get a higher reach

Create Ads for your created Posts and linked Products on the ADD Platform.




How to do as Boutique


Generate Revenue with all performed Sales for Styles and Services.


Get Your ID
Find your personal ID in your Partner Dashboard

Share Global
Add your ID to each URL on GOOFASH.COM

ID Statistic
90 Days Cookie Duration Tracking for Visits and Sales

Easy Payout
Get monthly Payment from up 30$ Commission

Welcome to GOOFASH

Sign up to our Newsletter Journal to get a value of 90€ for free 

Your unlimited Posts, linked Products and Ads will be free for 3 Month. In this way you have a good start-up. We will provide you with the latest Trends and News.


FAQ for Boutique

Who can be a Boutique?
As a Boutique you just need a local Store, where you sell Fashion, Shoes or Accessories to Consumers. You place easily your selected Styles from our Collection, People order in your Store and we deliver the Products to them. So we will bring more Customers to your local Store and you will benefit from this for your own Products. 
When can I start as Boutique?
After registration you can start to promote and sell our Products in your Store. Here you can register! After registration you will find at the same place your Dashboard, where you have your Overview, all Sales, Payment History, Creatives like you Tracking ID and you can edit your Profile. You just need to order your selected Styles and go on.
How a Boutique makes Money?
For your Boutique you have to purchase first your selected Styles. Add a QR-Code with the certain Link and Tracking ID on the Tags for the Product. People who scan the Code and order in our Online Shop get the Product delivered by us. In this way you need the Product just once and a Warehouse is not neccessary. You will get paid for each sold Styles and Services monthly, if you make $30 in commission. Otherwise we will push it to the next month until you hit this $30 commission that we we can payout. You just need a free PayPal account. The payout amount is unlimited!
What you can do as Boutique?
You can additionally create just Content about our Styles and Services on GOOFASH or everywhere online. Just add your Tracking ID to the Link after you have created your Content and share it on Social Media, E-Mail, SMS, Websites or somewhere else.
Get a Boutique discounts?
Yes, you will get a 30% Discount on your purchase for the GOOFASH Collection by using this Coupon Code - #BOUTIQUE -, but you have to buy for a minimum value of $500. Furthermore you can share this Code to your Followers to get the same Discount.